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Palazzetti for Nature / O2Ring

As already explained, the combustion process results in the emission of particulates into the environment.

We have always worked on minimising the environmental impact of this process and now, after five years of collaboration between our Research and Development division, the University of Trieste and the Polytechnic of Turin, and thanks to international partnerships, we our proud to present O2Ring, a worldwide novelty that at last solves the problem of particulates: a combustion fumes purifying device that, combined with the existing VDF (smoke regulation valve) technology makes it possible to reduce by over 80% the particulates produced by wood combustion in stoves and fireplaces!

O2 Ring is a perfect environmentally-friendly solution that, in particular, meets the requirements of those geographical areas in which the law limits the use of wood products in systems that do not having a controlled loading mechanism, i.e. those that use firewood (fireplaces and stoves). By overcoming this obstacle, everyone can use firewood as the main fuel to heat their home: one of the most economical, ecological and readily available sources of energy.

As already explained, when combustion is efficient, emissions are composed of:

  • 48% harmless mineral salts
  • 52% Organic compounds

This percentage can vary depending on the quality of combustion (bad combustion will increase the percentage of organic compounds and decrease the quantity of mineral salts): the better the combustion, the lower the emissions and the lower the quantity of harmful substances contained in that specific particulate.

Our fumes purifying system has been designed to eliminate the organic compounds produced by wood combustion in stoves and fireplaces: harmful substances can be reduced by the action of specific chemical components activated by oxygen at a set temperature and at a precise moment in time.

The position of the system has been designed to optimise operation and to work within the temperature range useful to reduce the polluting substances contained in the fumes by over 80%.

When the fumes produced by combustion do not reach the trigger temperature (during ignition and when the wood is loaded) a butterfly valve starts operating that, when the firebox door is opened, conveys the combustion fumes to the central hole of the cylinder, preventing them from crossing the alveoli of the system.

One of the great innovations introduced by O2Ring is the fact that this valve starts to function automatically when the firebox door is opened, always guaranteeing optimal system operation. 
Moreover, our valve can be adjusted manually to optimise the intermediate settings in compliance with product installation.

O2Ring - Dalla tecnologia del fuoco, l'aria pulita

The advantages of the O2Ring system are:

  • Benefits for the environment 
    During normal use, by exploiting the temperatures typical of the fumes that are produced by a wood-burning firebox, the system oxidises and thus destroys more than 80% of the polluting substances contained in such fumes. Moreover, the product can be fully recycled because it can be regenerated.
  • Comfort and simplicity of use
    The automatic by-pass, connected to the upward sliding door mechanism, makes the system easy to use because the user does not have to remember to open the valve manually during ignition and when reloading the fuel. This lengthens the life of the system because it always works under optimal conditions.
  • Consequences on energy efficiency
    The systems also increases the efficiency of the firebox, making it more constant throughout operating hours. This way a smaller quantity of wood is used to obtain the same quantity of heat.
  • Maintenance costs
    Maintenance is very easy.
    The O2Ring system can be removed from inside the firebox in which it is located and can be easily cleaned by means of a vacuum cleaner. 
    Moreover, the device does not prevent normal cleaning of the stovepipe because it is easy to remove.

Compare with

Emissions of particulates and of CO in traditional fireplaces and in high-performance fireplaces with and without an O2Ring.


Emissioni di polveri

A: Caminetto tradizionale - B: Caminetto dalle alte prestazioni - C: Caminetto dalle alte prestazioni con O2Ring


Emissioni di CO

A: Caminetto tradizionale - B: Caminetto dalle alte prestazioni - C: Caminetto dalle alte prestazioni con O2Ring

Testato da TÜV Rheinland (Report Nr K 560 2011 S1)
Testato con focolare Monoblocco 78 RE con e senza O2Ring

more in-depth info
The Kyoto protocol

On 11TH December 1997, the European Union and the single States of the Union signed the Kyoto Protocol, the great international agreement aimed at fighting the greenhouse effect. 
To centre the objective of the Kyoto Protocol (the reduction of global CO2 emissions by 8% by 2008-2012) the European Community is above all involved in sustaining the development of renewable energy sources (sun, wind, potential energy from waterfalls, biomasses, etc.) because, as already seen, these are the ones that best respect the environment and create the greatest opportunities of growth for local economies.


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